Study shows reasons why some Illinoisans not vaccinated

A new study is revealing some of the reasons why Illinoisans have yet to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, 6.6 million or 61.1% of people 12 and older in Illinois are fully vaccinated.

Nick VinZant with QuoteWizard says there are five main reasons Illinoisans have avoided the shot.

“People are worried about side effects, they are waiting to see what’s going to happen with the vaccine, they don’t believe they need it, they don’t trust the government, or they don’t trust the vaccine specifically,” said VinZant.

Southern Illinois’ ICU beds filled up this week with unvaccinated people as cases of the Delta variant rise. According to IDPH, vaccination numbers are considerably lower downstate.

In Edwards County, 29% of people are fully vaccinated, in Fayette and Hamilton counties, 28% are fully vaccinated, and in Alexander County, 16% are fully vaccinated.

VinZant said the survey showed that race was not a factor.

“There is really not a big difference depending on race or ethnicity when we look at vaccine hesitance,” said VinZant. “Where we see the big differences is when we look at vaccine hesitancy in regards to education and regard to age.”

Older populations are more likely to get vaccinated, with only 4% of people 65 and older avoiding the vaccine. Those with less than a high school diploma were more likely to avoid the shot than someone with a college education.

Possibly because of the rise in cases of the Delta variant, VinZant says the tide is changing a bit in Illinois.

“Especially over the last two weeks,” said VinZant. “They are less concerned about side effects and they are less willing to wait to get vaccinated.”

During that time, those concerned about side effects have fallen from 65 percent to 57 percent, and those who don’t think COVID-19 is a threat fell from 21 percent to 13 percent.

Nationwide, 40% of those surveyed who have not been vaccinated don’t trust the government, and 21% don’t think COVID is a threat.

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Author: Kevin Bessler

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